Agricultural Real Estate Financing

Harvest Capital Company’s goal is to exceed your expectations as a long-term lender while we guide you smoothly through the steps necessary to successfully complete and close a long-term commercial agriculture real estate loan. Our loan process is designed to work with you to establish a financial structure based on actual experience that will help you achieve your goals and create flexibility to go further in the years to come. For us, it is not just business…it is personal.

Harvest Capital Company utilizes skilled lending professionals with practical knowledge, common sense and experience in production agriculture. Our people understand the many variables affecting your ability to maintain a productive livelihood within the world of production agriculture.

Harvest Capital Company’s dedicated professionals combine their wealth of knowledge and experience to assist you in customizing the structure of your debt to fit the diverse needs of your operation. We can finance the purchase of agricultural properties, development of farm/ranch buildings or permanent plantings, and consolidate existing debt.

What makes Harvest Capital Company different from other agriculture lenders is our team’s commitment to the success of our borrowers.
Royce Ann Simmons, Executive Vice President, Harvest Capital Company


q box2 What are your interest rates?

a box2 All of Harvest Capital Company’s loan products are priced off of a spread to the yield curve for United States Treasuries. As a result, rates change on a daily basis. Today’s yield on Treasuries can be found at a number of sources including Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal.

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