Why Does Harvest Capital Exist?

“It’s not about just getting the long-term real estate transaction done, but rather developing and preparing you as a stable participant in the future of Northwest agriculture.”
– Brian L. Field, President, Harvest Capital Company

Over twenty years of deep-seated roots in the agricultural industry has defined “why” Harvest Capital Company exists. Agriculture is a specialized industry. Businesses like yours have one-of-a-kind financial needs which we understand because we come from the same roots.

Today, the world of agriculture is more productive and complex than ever before. Regardless of the challenges facing this way of life, the people involved with production agriculture find ways to survive lean times, become more efficient, grow their operations, and continue to feed our nation and the world.

With each accomplishment and each step of progress the need for financial strength and proper balance sheet structure becomes increasingly important. Good relationships with engaged agricultural lenders are paramount to success in this industry. We are a group of investment professionals dedicated to preparing, supporting and funding the long-term capital needs of our customers: the businesses, people and families involved in production agriculture in the Northwest.

We see production agriculture clearly with a perspective of deeply embedded rural roots. This history allows us to view our customers’ operations differently from traditional lenders. A relationship with you and your operation means much more to us than just closing a real estate transaction. We are unique in that we combine our agricultural knowledge, background and experience with extensive lending tools to create long-term real estate financing solutions tailored to you and your position in the production agriculture industry.


q box2 What makes Harvest Capital Company different?

a box2 Harvest Capital Company strives to match the financing needed today structured in a way that will also benefit you in the future. We believe that short-term assets should be financed with short-term debt and likewise with long-term assets.

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