Our History

Harvest Capital Company was founded in 1992. The company was established to bring long-term capital to agricultural customers with our focus solely on the outcome for that customer, not on mandates established by financial institutions. This vision, developed from several generations of family roots deeply ingrained in the agricultural industry, has allowed Harvest Capital Company to mature into one of the largest independent commercial agricultural real estate lenders in the Northwest.

For over twenty five years we have been involved in production agriculture and have cultivated long-term relationships with clients, playing an essential role in their success. This achievement can be attributed in part to our experience in agriculture and our understanding of the Northwest’s 200+ crops and agribusiness products.

“With every real estate loan transaction, Harvest Capital Company comes closer to the table of our customer, closer to the backbone of their financial structure, and our agriculture industry as a whole.”

– Brian L. Field, President, Harvest Capital Company