What We Do: Agricultural Real Estate Lending

Harvest Capital Company underwrites, funds, and services long-term real estate loans and real estate revolving lines of credit utilizing some of the most advanced analysis and financing tools available in commercial agriculture today.

As a commercial agricultural real estate lender we utilize multiple sources of capital providing a wide variety of rates and terms that can be applied to our customers’ operations. Our broad range of funding capital allows us to tailor long-term loans to best fit your needs.

Harvest Capital Company’s experienced lending professionals are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service throughout the life of your loan. We keep in contact with our borrowers on a regular basis and perform partial releases of collateral, reset interest rates, and offer other assistance as the needs of your operation change. We continually strive to provide agriculture with the long-term capital and structure necessary to strengthen balance sheets and solidify cash flows for all types of farms, ranches and agribusinesses. When you choose Harvest Capital Company you can be sure we have your best interest at heart.

“We are long-term agricultural real estate lenders, which means we’re in this for the long haul. We’re there from the appraisal, to the commitment, funding, closing, and beyond.”

– Brian L. Field, Senior Advisor, Harvest Capital Company LLC